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LCD display features


LCD display features

Thin body and space saving

Compared with the more cumbersome CRT display, the liquid crystal display requires only one third of the space of the former.

Power saving, no high temperature

It is a low-power product that can be completely non-heated (mainly power and heat are present in the backlight tube or LED), while CRT monitors inevitably generate high temperatures due to imaging technology.

Low radiation, good health

LCD monitors radiate far less than CRT monitors (just low, not completely without radiation, and electronic products have more or less radiation), which is a boon for those who work in front of computers all day long.

The picture is soft and does not hurt the eyes

Unlike CRT technology, the LCD screen does not flicker, which can reduce the damage of the monitor to the eyes, and the eyes are not prone to fatigue.

The LCD monitor is green and environmentally friendly. Its energy consumption is too small compared to the traditional CRT (17'' power is about 65-12W); it is also unrelated to the noise pollution that has gradually attracted the attention of the Chinese people. Its own working characteristics determine that it will not produce noise (for the kind of noise that users who like to use the computer while rhythmically hitting the display, this is not considered here); LCD monitors also have the advantage of comparing calories Low, long-term use will not have the feeling of roasting heat, this is also unmatched in previous monitors, the previous display is valuable, especially in the summer, home air conditioners, fans have to serve it to cool it. The use of liquid crystal displays invisibly cools the atmosphere and contributes to the prevention of an increasingly warm atmosphere. At the same time reduce radiation and reduce environmental pollution. Of course, environmental protection will not reduce the radiation of this index, although we can not say that the liquid crystal display is completely radiation-free, but compared to the radiation of large CRT, as well as the radiation of everyday household appliances, the little radiation of the liquid crystal display can be neglected. .


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