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Shenzhen Russian TV motherboard brand manufacturer, Dingke 17 years industry lea


Dingke Industrial Headquarters is located in TCL International E City, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, with a 4000 square meter office area. In addition, an auxiliary production base covering an area of over 15,000 square meters has been established in Baoan District. At the same time, there are technical service support centers in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and East China.


1. If the TV purchase time is less than three years, you can contact the TV after-sales service for free warranty; if the TV purchase time exceeds three years, the user can measure whether it needs repair according to the cost of repairing and replacing the motherboard. If the cost of repair or replacement is not high, you can repair or replace the motherboard and continue to use it; if the cost is too high, you can consider phasing out the TV and buying a new TV instead of it.

2. The after-sales service regulations of TV sets are generally implemented in accordance with the national “three guarantees” policy, that is, the TV sets usually carry out one-year warranty for the whole machine and three years of after-sales service for important parts.

The above prices are for reference only, please contact Dingke Industry for detailed consultation.

The main board of the smart TV is the main component of the TV. It generally integrates the central processing unit (CPU), memory, display core, memory and other types of chips, capacitors, circuits, etc.; according to the different components on the motherboard, the motherboard reflects The role is not the same; mainly includes:

1, the main board is the core of the TV operation, to help the TV to achieve a variety of functions: such as signal processing, image processing, sound processing, etc.;

2. The main board of the smart TV is the soul of the intelligent system, which helps the TV system to realize the reception and calculation of various commands, and then assigns it to each component to work, which is equivalent to the central brain of the TV;

3, different models of TV, the role of the motherboard is not the same, because the motherboard structure and circuit, component composition is not the same, so the functions that can be achieved are not the same.

A multimedia computer is actually a computer system that processes and provides various forms of information such as sound, graphics, and text. The multimedia PC has brought people an unprecedented feeling: the computer is no longer a cold machine, it has become able to speak and can sing.

The general multimedia system is mainly composed of the following four parts:

Multimedia hardware systems, multimedia operating systems, media processing system tools, and user applications.

The multimedia operating system, also known as the Multimedia kernel system, has real-time task scheduling, multimedia data conversion and synchronization control for driving and controlling multimedia devices, and graphical user interface management.

Multimedia hardware systems include computer hardware, audio/video processors, various media input/output devices and signal conversion devices, communication transmission devices, and interface devices. Among them, the most important one is the multimedia information processing chip, optical disk drive and the like which are developed according to the multimedia technology standard.

Media processing system tools, or multimedia system development tools, are an important part of multimedia systems. User application software is customized according to the requirements of the end user of the multimedia system or a user application software system for a certain field. It is a system product for large-scale users.



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