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Guangzhou Thai TV motherboard suppliers look dingke industrial


Shenzhen dingke industrial co., ltd. established an independent TV power supply research and development and production project in 2004, setting a precedent for the industry of TV motherboard + power one-stop solution, but also for 2012 TV motherboard to three-in-one plate type has done a good job

A display is also known as a monitor. The monitor is an I/O device that belongs to the computer. It is a display tool that shows certain electronic files to the screen and then reflects them to the human eye through a specific transmission device. According to the different manufacturing materials, can be divided into: cathode ray tube display (CRT), plasma display PDP, LCD and so on.

The concept of the display has not been unified, but its understanding is mostly the same, as the name suggests it should be a certain electronic file through a specific transmission device to the screen and different types of display (8) reflected to the human eye as a display tool. In a broad sense, the street can be seen everywhere large screen, television, BSV LCD spliced fluorescent screen, S machine and the display screen such as fast translation are the scope of the display, generally refers to the display equipment connected with the computer host.

Its application is very wide, big to satellite monitoring, small to see VCD, it can be said that in the modern society, its figure everywhere, its structure is generally round base plus fuselage, with the continuous development of color display technology, there have been some other shape of the display, but the application is not much.

As a people, often contact computer display must be he will face for a long time, everyone will have this kind of feeling, when look at an object for a long time, the eyes will feel fatigue, display, too, because it is to produce images through a series of circuit design, so it will produce radiation, damage to the human eye is bigger also.

It is often said that the keyboard, mouse and monitor are the three elements that directly affect human health. Traditional keyboard when use one word like hands on the middle position, so users have to squeeze shoulder and cantilever clamping arm, use rise fatigue, use for a long time is easy to damage, the mouse also is such, almost clever businessman this target, launch various ergonomic keyboard and mouse, very popular.

Multimedia computer, in fact, is a computer system that processes and provides various forms of information such as sound, pictures and text. The multimedia personal computer has given people an unprecedented feeling: the computer is no longer a cold machine, it has become eloquent, can listen to sing.

General multimedia system mainly consists of the following four parts:

Multimedia hardware system, multimedia operating system, media processing system tools and user application software.

Multimedia operating system, also known as Multimedia kernel system, is capable of real-time task scheduling, Multimedia data conversion and synchronization control, as well as management of graphical user interface.

Multimedia hardware system includes computer hardware, voice/video processor, various media input/output devices and signal conversion devices, communication transmission equipment and interface devices. Among them, the most important is the multimedia information processing chip, optical disk drive and so on.

Media processing system tool or multimedia system development tool software is an important part of multimedia system. User application software is an application software customized according to end-user requirements of multimedia system or a user application software system oriented to a certain field. It is a system product oriented to large-scale users.

1. Installation steps of the TV motherboard

1. Dismantle the old main board;

2. Install the new motherboard and connect the row and field deflection coils. If the field deflection coils are in series, change them into parallel ones with a resistance value of about 15 ohms.

3. Install the control panel. If the control panel is the same, install it.

4. Start debugging, starting up, if the image is reversed or reverse, then switch the line and field coil wiring, adjust the brightness and contrast to the minimum, then adjust the acceleration pole voltage, make the image just black until you can't see, then adjust the brightness and contrast to 50%, then adjust the focusing pole voltage, make the image the clearest.

5. Fix the motherboard with screws, close the back cover and install it. Ii. Matters needing attention when changing the main board of the TV:

1. Adjust the filament current

The filament voltage is too high will affect the service life of the picture tube, because in general, can not be used in the universal measurement of high frequency voltage p-p value, visual observation can be used, when the filament red, does not affect the brightness, if very bright, can be used in series resistance method current limit.

2. Turn down the electrical pressure of +B as far as possible

High +B voltage not only causes field jitter, but also increases power consumption. Adjust +B voltage to make the picture stable without flicker.

3. Carefully adjust the factory menu

Row center, field amplitude, field linearity, subluminance, white balance these parameters adjust very convenient now, need to have be able to bear or endure only and meticulous, after adjusting, do not be eager to close a lid, observe certain time, invite others to comment on, make sure to recognize all eligible again close work. Three, LCD TV motherboard bad symptoms

LCD TV motherboard integrated with the main function of the TV circuit circuit, including remote control system, signal decoding, backlight control, etc., so the symptoms are more complex, the common is not boot, no images, no color, remote control failure and other failures.


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