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Guangzhou shenzhen led light power choose dingke industry, the global electronic


Since its establishment, tripod industry has always adhered to the business philosophy of "one word, nine tripods", which has been unanimously recognized and supported by customers, promoting the rapid development of tripod industry in these 17 years.

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How to connect the power cord of LED display? The power lines between the LED display units are connected in parallel. A power supply typically has three sets of 5v outputs. Can take 10 to 12 P10 panels. Multiple power supply, power supply input 220 parallel together. The power cord of the control card should be printed directly from the power supply, not through the unit board.

"T" type connection

Power supply a 2.5mm2 output line carries four P10 modules. The second module from top to bottom is the terminal of the power supply output line. Module 1 is in parallel with module 3 and module 4, and the current is shunted to the upper and lower sides.

"One" type connection method connection method brief description:

Power supply a set of 2.5mm2 output line with 4 P10 modules, the power supply output line is connected to the top of the first module. The current is supplied to four modules in series from top to bottom.

The single P10 module operates with A maximum current of 4.2a. Load according to T - joint. The maximum current of the power supply connection line of the 1mm2 module is the connection line from module 2 to module 3, which is responsible for the power supply of module 3 and module 4. Then, the passing current is 4.2*2= 8.4a, which is in the normal carrying range of 1mm2 conductor with cross-sectional area.

The maximum operating current of the single module is 4.2a. If it is loaded according to the connection method of type 1, the maximum current of the connection line of the module with A cross-sectional area of 1mm2 is the connection line of the module from module 1 to module 2, which provides power for module 2, module 3 and module 4, and the passing current is 4.2*3= 12.6a. The carrying range of 1mm2 conductor with cross-sectional area has been exceeded, which will lead to wire heating, insulation skin softening and even fire.

LED power supply is one of the power supply, is to provide power to electronic equipment devices, is also a power supply. [1] a device that converts alternating current into direct current by means of a transformer or rectifier. This device is called a rectified power supply or a driving power supply. An electronic device that provides a signal is called a signal source. Lithium battery, dry battery, rectifier power supply, signal source is sometimes called power supply. The battery is divided into plus or minus grade.

LED chip and power supply are installed together, generally small space, poor heat dissipation conditions, how to ensure the quality and life of LED power supply, we should start from the beginning of the design, so as to avoid LED power failure soon, it can be said that the life of LED power supply is the key to restrict the development of LED. This is a synthesis of system design and consideration.

We believe that the performance that affects the life of LED power supply includes environmental characteristics, components and power waiting for expropriation, which include the following aspects:

1. Influence of practical application environment: high humidity environment, high temperature environment, dusty environment, strong magnetic environment and vibration environment

2. Influence of lighting temperature environment: the internal temperature of lighting is less than 65 degrees, the housing of lighting is less than 75 degrees, and the power supply temperature is less than 60 degrees

3. Influence of power supply network: the voltage input of unstable power network will impact the components of LED power supply, thus affecting the service life pulse of LED drive.

4. Influence of insulation and installation: correct installation and good insulation of the product will enhance the application force of LED power supply.

5, the influence of the electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor of the sealing parts will leak out gasification of electrolyte, this phenomenon will be increased with the temperature and speed, it is generally believed every 10 ℃ temperature, leakage rate increase to 2 times.

LED switching power supply high-frequency is the direction of its development, high-frequency switching power supply miniaturization, and the switch power supply into a wider range of applications, especially in the field of high-tech applications, promote the high-tech products miniaturization, lightweight. In addition, the development and application of switching power supply in energy saving, resource saving and environmental protection are of great significance.

The main electronic devices used in LED switching power supply are LED diode, IGBT and MOSFET. SCR has a few applications in switching power input rectifier circuit and soft start circuit. It is difficult to drive GTR and has low switching frequency. It is gradually replaced by IGBT and MOSFET.

Three conditions of LED switching power supply

1. Switch: power electronic devices work in switch state rather than linear state

2. High frequency: power electronic devices operate at high frequency rather than low frequency close to power frequency

3, dc: switch power supply output is dc rather than ac

LED switching power supply is controlled by the circuit switch tube and high-speed on and off. Is the dc into high frequency alternating current to the converter for voltage, so that it needs to produce one or more groups of voltage! The efficiency of high-frequency ac in the transformer circuit is higher than that of 50Hz or 60Hz of the municipal power supply. Therefore, the volume of the switching power supply transformer can be very small, and it will not be very hot when the switching power supply works. The product price is lower than that of the power-frequency dc regulated power supply. If 50Hz or 60Hz is not turned into high-frequency electricity, then the switching power supply is meaningless. Switching power supply can be divided into isolation and isolation of these two types, is the isolation of the switching power supply converter, and not necessarily isolated switching power supply converter. Compared with traditional dc power supply, switching power supply has the advantages of small size, light weight and high efficiency.


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