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Shenzhen Russian TV motherboard brand manufacturers, dingke 17 industry leader


Tripod industrial headquarters is located in TCL international E city, nanshan district, shenzhen, with 4000 square meters of office area. In addition, baoan district has established a supporting production base covering an area of more than 15,000 square meters. At the same time in guangzhou, shenzhen and east China with technical support centers.

TV motherboard price?

V59 upgrade V56 LCD TV motherboard HDMI HDTV board USB player driver board

2. New kewu TV motherboard 14-21 25-29 "universal hd color TV motherboard

3. General V59 upgrade V56 LCD TV driver board USB movie HDMI 61.00

4. New kewu TV motherboard 14-21 25-29 "universal hd digital color TV motherboard 77.00

5. Lehua V56 LCD TV universal driver board T.V56.03 HDTV motherboard TV accessories 49.00

1. If the purchase time of the TV set is less than three years, the after-sales service of the TV set can be contacted for free warranty; If the TV has been purchased for more than three years, the user can measure whether the TV needs to be repaired according to the cost of repairing or replacing the main board. If the cost of repairing or replacing the main board is not high, the user can repair or replace the main board and continue to use it. If the cost is too high, consider eliminating the TV and buying a new model to replace it.

2, the television after-sales service provisions are generally in accordance with the national "three guarantees" policy to implement, that is, the television is usually carried out one year warranty, three years of important parts warranty after-sales service provisions.

The above price is for reference only, specific contact dingke industry detailed consultation

The main board of the smart TV is the main component of the TV set, which generally integrates the central processing unit (CPU), memory, display core, memory and other kinds of chips, capacitors, circuits, etc. According to the different parts on the main board, the main board reflects the role is not the same; It mainly includes:

1. The main board is the core of TV operation, which helps the TV to realize various functions, such as signal processing, image processing, sound processing, etc.;

2, the intelligent television motherboard is the soul of the intelligent system, help the television system to achieve the receiving of various instructions and computing analysis, and then assigned to each part of the work, equivalent to the central brain of the television;

3, different types of television, the role of the main board is not the same, because the main board structure and circuit, components are not the same, so the function is not the same.

Multimedia computer, in fact, is a computer system that processes and provides various forms of information such as sound, pictures and text. The multimedia personal computer has given people an unprecedented feeling: the computer is no longer a cold machine, it has become eloquent, can listen to sing.

General multimedia system mainly consists of the following four parts:

Multimedia hardware system, multimedia operating system, media processing system tools and user application software.

Multimedia operating system, also known as Multimedia kernel system, is capable of real-time task scheduling, Multimedia data conversion and synchronization control, as well as management of graphical user interface.

Multimedia hardware system includes computer hardware, voice/video processor, various media input/output devices and signal conversion devices, communication transmission equipment and interface devices. Among them, the most important is the multimedia information processing chip, optical disk drive and so on.

Media processing system tool or multimedia system development tool software is an important part of multimedia system. User application software is an application software customized according to end-user requirements of multimedia system or a user application software system oriented to a certain field. It is a system product oriented to large-scale users.


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