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Date: 2015-07-21
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Recently, the Beijing TV operators the only song found a new Chinese way of making money, in time for consumers to access TV programs, to recruit into their various ads. In response to this phenomenon, cons- mers have expressed strong dissatisfaction, while questioning its legitimacy. Consumer question: Why the - hell song placement in China who lives in Haidian District, Beijing, Ms. Lee complained that, since the home after the HD cable box into, every time you watch television set-top box will see a lot of ads, and do not loo- k not possible, hide all become obvious. Lee said: "every month to pay a cable TV subscription, how much s- hould be added in advertising? This must be the violation of the rights of consumers." Survey found that acc- to see, open set-top box, the TV shows first images of the Eastern Star Talent Show program ads. According to consumers, reflected in this period is a period of time before the Red Star Erguotou ads. Press a rough ca- lculation, the length of time ad about 5 seconds. After advertising into the next screen, the screen is divided into 3 zones left, right, left for the high-definition TV set-top box user guide, on the right is a Red Star Erguo- tou ads. At this point, only press the "Exit" button to watch the end of advertising into TV programs. From st- art to really watch television to about 2 minutes, in which there are nearly 1 minute waiting period of time o- ccupied by advertising. Who lives in Beijing’s Xicheng District, said Mr Tien Maliandao, for the high-definition set-top box, the original access time to extend the television, people got impatient, and now coupled with th e ad, longer and can be spotted from the start to the TV , 2 minutes fast, slow to 4 minutes.
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