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Date: 2015-07-20
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Our main production of consumer electronics, professional design, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company has three business division:

TV Division: professional design, production and sale of liquid crystal TV drive plate, a liquid crystal display drive plate and DVB-T Digital TV, ATSC and ISDB - T series card, high pressure, constant current source and a built-in power supply board

LED Division: LED optical design, LDE power supply design, LED structure design

MID division:

Now looking for long-term cooperation supplier.

One, business requirements:

Manufacturer: with the general taxpayer qualification, have a certain scale, strong production capacity, product quality is stable, good, willingness to cooperate is strong, with high degree of and within the industry have considerable visibility and good reputation, a strong market competitiveness.

Agents: with the general taxpayer qualification, there is a stable supply of goods, delivery, quality assurance, quality assurance, the industry has a good reputation and good reputation, strong market competitiveness.

Two, the main procurement materials are as follows:

1, the active device class: flash, DDR, CPU, tuner, logic IC, power management IC, net (IC card), codec (IC card), I / O interface IC, conversion IC, amplifier IC, backlight driver IC, voice IC

2, passive devices: MOS transistors, inductors, beads, 23, patch resistor capacitor, safety capacitors, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, SMD inductors, common mode inductor, industry and trade type inductance, plug-in inductor, crystal, sound etc.

3, PCB board: single panel material: CEM-1, FR1 plate thickness: 1.6

Double layer, multi-layer material: FR4

Plate thickness: 1, 1.2, 1.6

4, transformers: PQ series, ED series, EDR series, EFD series, etc.

5, connectors: AV transposon HDMI, pin row, parent, VGA, FPC,

6, hardware category: heat sink, shield, etc.

7, wire type: screen line, electronic wire, cable

8, other classes: tuner, camera, plate washer water, flux, solder wire, tin, solder paste, screen, carton, color box, manuals, steel net, test frame, fuse, screw, plastic shell, Mylar, remote control, etc.

Three, business process:

Mail to provide enterprise qualification, appointment, talks, quotation, trial plant, determine the relationship.

Interested parties can contact.

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