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    Shenzhen Top-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the research and development , implement the development strategy of high starting point , adhering to the development road of independent innovation.As the high-tech enterprise with more than 300 professional engineers. Equipped with the complete digital television industrialization of research and development , testing and so on.

    Meanwhile ,we had established good relationship with the famous universities and research institutes. Do a good contribution to the national science and technology research , such as national new product research and development tasks.Introducing a great of industry elite to do the next generation of high and new , sharp cutting-edge technology and industry research of common problems.

    With the powerful strength of research and development ,we continually launched the new TV board , LED power supply , tablet , projectors and other series products.So that being the leader in domestic for new product research and development,keep the synchronization with the international level.We are promoting informatization in internal , improving the management efficiency , enhancing the enterprise competitive power , Which make us be a leading position in the industry all the way .

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